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Vigor Aqua
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Try Our Vigor Aqua Multi Vitamin Water Purification Tablet. That is focused on ensuring that no life is lost due to contamination.

Welcome To Vigor Aqua

What is Vigor Aqua? It’s a tablet that you put in your drinking water. After you put it, it will make water safe for drinking, for cleaning your teeth and for washing fruit and vegetables by killing water borne organisms that cause stomach disorders such as diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid and Cryptosporidium. 

About Our Tablets

Vigor Aqua is one of many roads on a journey of saving one life lost to waterborne diseases such as Cryptosporidium, diarrhoea and cholera. Making water safe for drinking, cleaning teeth, and washing fruits and vegetables. Giving people physical strength and good health. And promoting vitality.



Put our Vigor Aqua tablet, in your water and make potentially contaminated water into safe and clean drinking water.


Our tablet can be used to wash hands and keep them clean. During an emergency, this helps prevent the spread of germs.


Vigor Aqua can help people have access to clean and safe drinking water during emergency..

Washing Foods

Germs and viruses spread quick by not washing fruits and foods in clean water. Vigor Aqua makes it possible to wash foods without the spread of germs.


Our tablets can be used in schools and clinics to ensure that our children can have safe drinking water and multivitamins.

Camping /Safari

Go into the places only locals are familiar with. Visit little known hideouts and avenues that open the mind into what being a local is all about.

Number Of People Affected

World Water Stats

Diarrhoea deaths yearly
people drinking unprotected water from wells and springs
die from water-related diseases

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