Global Empowers is dedicated to save at least one life lost to Contaminated water.

Clean and Safe Drinking Water for All.

Our story

Born and raised in Kawambwa district Luapula province, 970km from the capital Lusaka in Zambia. Returning to his village in Zambia after 6 years studying in Australia, Joseph Mwansa was confronted by the daily struggle faced by his community in accessing clean drinking water. Having experienced firsthand some of these challenges growing up and seeing how many peoples especially innocent kids whose lives are been lost due to contained water and proper nutrition, having closed family members affected with waterborne diseases like Cholera.  

Joseph returned to Australia determined to become the change he wanted to see and develop a solution to this issue, which would not only help his own community but thousands of other communities facing the same issue. He established a, Global Empowers is a socially conscious enterprise on a journey to uplift millions of the impoverished into the hopes of a more productive future for all of humanity.

Vigor Aqua is the result of this team’s work and features a non-chlorine-based water purification tablet, with added minerals to help people affected by nutrient deficiency.



By using Vigor Aqua, contaminated water becomes safe and clean to drink.

Personal Hygiene

By using Vigor Aqua to wash hands and keep them clean during an emergency helps prevent the spread of germs.

Emergency and Disasters

Hygiene is especially important in an emergency such as a flood, hurricane, or earthquake, but finding clean, safe running water can sometimes be difficult. Vigor Aqua can help have access to clean and safe drinking water.

Washing Foods

Germs and viruses spread quick by not washing fruits and foods in clean water. Vigor Aqua makes it possible to wash foods without the spread of germs.

Schools and Hospitals

schools and clinics must also have access to safe and sufficient water for drinking, food preparation, hand washing.

Camping And Safari

Go into the places only locals are familiar with. Visit little known hideouts and avenues that open the mind into what being a local is all about.

Copyright 2018- Global Empowers

Copyright 2018- Global Empowers

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